nursing students

Tuition, Fees, & Related Program Costs

The nursing program shall not charge fees or cause the student to incur any costs except those specifically designated in the college catalog or in the estimated cost sheet for nursing students.

The student is responsible for all costs incurred relative to travel to and from clinical assignments, uniforms required for clinical rotations, name tag, supplies, textbooks and parking. Columbia State does not assume liability for personal injury or property damage incurred while en route to and from these facilities.

Medical malpractice insurance coverage is required for students in the nursing program. Group malpractice coverage is purchased in conjunction with registration for nursing courses. For policies governing student withdrawal and refunds of tuition, fees, please refer to the catalog and course schedules.

Estimated Nursing Program Fee List (subject to change)

  • Tuition (in-state) – approximately $168.00 per semester credit hour, estimated, plus $25 per credit program fee for four semesters (based on 67 credit hours and subject to increase depending on legislation) – $11,256.00
  • Health Science Academic Course Fee $25 per semester hour ($25 x 39 Nursing credit hours) - $975.00
  • Program services fee for four semesters – $64.00
  • Activity fee per semester for four semesters – $12.00
  • Technology access fee $112.50 per semester (estimated) for four semesters – $450.00

(The above fees are based upon the FALL 2017 semester.)
Additional Fees for Nursing Students

  • Malpractice Insurance ($20 per year) – $40.00
  • Achievement Exams – $175.00
  • Physical examination (pre-admission) – $300.00+
  • Books/Supplies $600/ semester1– $2400.00
  • Uniforms – $300.00
  • Hepatitis B vaccines – Variable
  • CPR Course (pre-admission) – $50.00
  • Truescreen (My Record Tracker) - $17.50, with annual fee -  $7.50
  • Criminal Background Checks2 and 10-panel drug screen with urine alcohol screen (required) – $100.00 approximately
  • Tennessee Board of Nursing Application Fee – $100.00
  • Background check2– $56.00
  • NCLEX Application Fee – $200.00
  • School pin (optional)3– $40.00-$200.00
  • Individual picture and class composite (includes State Board picture) – $50.00
  • Travel expenses4– Variable

Note that fees are subject to change without notice.

Represents average costs. Expense is greatest during the first semester of the freshman year.
Criminal background checks may be a requirement at some affiliated clinical training sites. Based on the results of the criminal background check, an affiliated clinical site may determine to not allow your presence at their facility. This could result in your inability to successfully complete the requirements of a specific course and your program. More information is available from the Nursing Program Director.
Purchased in the last semester of the nursing program
Transportation to and from clinical agencies including parking fees will be the responsibility of the student. Travel to clinical facilities outside the campus/center area will be required. Columbia State does not assume liability for personal injury or property damage incurred while on route to and from these facilities and while in these facilities.