Dropping or Withdrawing from Classes

Before you drop or withdraw from classes, please contact the Financial Aid Office to see how dropping classes or withdrawing from college could affect your financial aid. This includes all financial aid: Pell Grant, State Grants, Student Loans, Lottery Scholarships, Institutional Scholarships and VA benefits.

Please be aware that if you totally withdraw from classes for a term you may be required to repay to Columbia State Community College all or some of your financial aid for the term.

Summer 2022 - Refund and Drop/Withdrawal Dates
A list of refund dates for summer semester
Session Code Class Dates

100% Refund

75% Refund 25% Refund Last Day to Adjust (Add) Last Day to Drop, Withdraw or Change to Audit
1-Full 5/23-8/2 5/22/22 5/31/22 6/9/22 5/27/22 7/9/22
O-(TN eCampus) 5/23-8/2 5/22/22 5/31/22 6/8/22 5/22/22 7/6/22
SU1-1st 5 week
5/23-6/27 5/22/22 5/26/22 5/31/22 5/23/22 6/15/22
SU2-2nd 5 week
6/28-8/2 6/27/22 7/1/22 7/6/22 6/28/22 7/21/22

NOTICE: Columbia State is not responsible for any errors or omissions of information on this page. Note that some refund/drop/withdrawal last dates may fall on weekends and holidays and registration changes may only be completed on those days by web. If you need assistance, the last date is the last college working day before the deadline.