Important Dates

These calendars are subject to change at any time prior to or during an academic term due to emergencies or causes beyond the reasonable control of the institution, including severe weather, loss of utility services or orders by federal or state agencies.

Academic Calendar
Academic Calendar
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Final Exams
 Term 1 (10 weeks)  May 22  August 2  May 8 Final Exams are given on the last day of class.
 1st Term (5 weeks)  May 22  June 26  May 8
 2nd Term (5 weeks)  June 27  August 2  June 14

Any terms offered within the Summer Semester will be within the dates of May 8 and August 5.  Dates for all parts of term are posted online at Students enrolling in TN eCampus online classes must adhere to the TN eCampus Academic Calendar posted online at All supporting documents for an applicant must be submitted within three working days of the last day to apply. Final grades for the Summer 2023 semester will be available in myChargerNet on August 12.

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