Financial Aid Refunds

In the event that awarded financial aid for a term is more than what  you owe Columbia State in tuition and fees for the term, a refund of the excess funds will be issued to you by the Business Office.

Refunds of excess funds may be direct deposited into an existing checking account or you may elect to receive a physical check. If you wish to set up direct deposit, please go to your MyChargerNet account and select “Direct Deposit” under the Student Services. If you have further questions regarding refunds please contact the Business Office at 931.540.2530.

Notice: Your eligibility to receive a refund from the Business Office may change if you a) have stopped attending classes for the term or b) you have not attended your classes at least one time.

If you do not set up direct deposit, you will receive a refund check from the Business Office by mail. If it is later discovered that you were not attending your classes at the point you received the refund, you may be required to repay all or some of the refunded amount back to Columbia State Community College immediately.