As a Lab Monitor, you have the following responsibilities:

  1. Helping students by answering questions to the best of your ability
    • Refer them to other information sources (i.e. instructor, handouts, manuals, web sites)
    • Provide general help with general computer operations and software features (printing, saving and retrieving documents, file copy)
    • Help with special features of lab supported software packages
  2. Maintain PC Labs:
    • Check lab supplies (printer toner, paper)
    • Report problems or lack of supplies
    • Check for damaged or faulty equipment, vandalism and theft
    • Housekeep (paper in bins, chairs under desks)
    • Clean the equipment (monitors, computers, desks, whiteboards, dusting, cleaning)
    • Check for rule violations or users left logged in
    • Report unauthorized software installations, or unplugged network cables
  3. Keep current on software used in the lab
    • Maintain familiarity with the list of software used in the lab
    • Attend training sessions and meetings for Lab Monitors held by Information Technology (This counts as work time. If these conflict with classes, notify the supervisor prior to the meeting time.)
  4. Be prompt and responsible
    • Be on time for your scheduled shift; notify supervisor if unable to report
    • Do not leave work for an extended period of time during your shift; notify supervisor if there is a problem
    • Accurate and timely time sheet reporting is mandatory!
  5. Maintain a professional presence
    • Behave in a professional manner whenever you are in a lab. Lab Monitors are representatives of Columbia State and serve as role models for other lab users
    • Treat all users with courtesy and respect
    • Do not spend too much time with one user at the expense of others who may need help
    • No eating, drinking, or using tobacco products in the labs, and report violations of this policy by others
  1. Columbia Campus Lab Monitors: Assistance with answering the Helpdesk phone and helping students and employees who come to the front window in the IT lobby.
  2. Other duties as assigned, such as software updates, delivery and setup of equipment, etc.

Students who work as Lab Monitors should balance their work time with their studies and other activities. This is an official job with the responsibility of guidance and aid for the computer lab users. Expanding your technology software and hardware knowledge is recommended. Tardiness and dishonesty will not be tolerated and will result in immediate dismissal from the lab monitor program.

Information Technology at Columbia State hopes that Lab Monitors will effectively assist peers with technical expertise, gain experience and knowledge useful in future careers, develop a working relationship with other Lab Monitors, and enjoy working for Columbia State! Columbia State Lab Monitors fall under the direct leadership of Dr. Emily Siciensky, Associate Vice President of Information Technology and are supervised by Sharon Conant, IT Helpdesk Administrative Coordinator.

To Apply:

  • Go to the Columbia State's main webpage ( and scroll down to the bottom.
  • Under "About Us" click on "Employment."
  • Click on "TBR Institutions."
  • Choose "View Opportunities" under Columbia State Community College.
  • Link to Lab Monitor application on the second page.
Also, you can click on the link: Lab Monitor Position (go to 2nd page)