Technology Equipment Purchases

In order for the Associate Vice President of Information Technology to approve technology based purchase requests certain information should be attached to the purchase requisition. For example, downloading vendor specific information will be sufficient in most cases.

These items are necessary in making decisions for technology purchases and help us to speed up the processing of requests that must be approved by Information Technology. If a computer is being purchased, the following information would be helpful:

Hardware/Software Specifications

Memory - How much does it require? e.g. 4 GB is minimal nowadays
Processor - What speed processor does it recommend?
Hard Drive - How much hard drive space does it require?
Video Memory - How much video memory does the application require?
Screen Resolution - What screen resolution does the application need to run at?
Operating System - What operating systems are supported by the hardware or software?
  • it compatible with Columbia State's computer systems and network?
  • wireless/bluetooth connectivity required?
  • special purpose application software needed?
  • a printer necessary?