Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

The Columbia State Community College Foundation supports and partners with Columbia State to positively impact our communities and student success through the maintenance and enhancement of resources. This is achieved by excellence in relationship building, fundraising and investment management.

Our Vision

To lead in attitudes and actions that enhance academic excellence, student success and prosperity within our service area, and through vibrant individual, public and private partnerships.

Our Values

Our values CREATE attitudes and actions that support our vision and mission:

Creativity. We are active friend and fund raisers. We have innovative problem solvers. We look for pathways to positive results.

Relationships. We value community and relationship building. We are committed to building a network of friends and donors within Columbia State’s service area, maximizing the opportunity to impact lives.

Excellence. We are committed to the highest standards in fundraising, investing and communicating with our stakeholders.

Accountability. We act in a way that exemplifies responsible stewardship and builds trust with our stakeholders.

Trust. We act with integrity.

Enthusiasm. We are committed to the Foundation’s mission and vision and have a positive attitude and desire to accomplish our stated goals.