Bust of Menander

bust of Menander

Artist: Unknown
Date: About 250 B.C.
Location: Library, Second Level

Menander (342-292 B.C.) is generally recognized by ancient critics as the supreme poet of Greek New Comedy, that is the comedy which is separated by a century from the plays of Aristophanes.

As with many ancient authors, the known facts of Menander's life are few and not very informative. He is said to have been of good family and to have lived the life of a man of means. Around 321 B.C., Menander produced his first play, Orge ("Anger"), and his close observation of human behavior is an indication of what was to come in his future plays. 

In later years, or soon after his death, a statue of Menander by Cephisodotus and Timarchus, the sons of Praxiteles, was set up in the Theatre of Dionysus. 

Descriptive and historical information about the sculptures compiled by Dr. Douglas O. Eason.