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Exit Exam for Graduates

The ETS Proficiency Profile (Exit Exam) is used to assess general education courses. It consists of 36 multiple choice questions and takes about 60 minutes to complete.

This exam is not a pass/fail exam.

Although the exam is not a pass/fail, it is important for students to perform their best in order to support the decision making and performance funding of the college.

Who is required to take the Exit Exam?

All graduating Associate degree students are required to take the Exit Exam. Students completing the Certificate programs are not required to take the ETS Proficiency Profile (Exit Exam) Test. Before scheduling your Exit Exam, please be sure to complete your Intent to Graduate so it is on file with Records.

How to apply:

Online registration form



ETS Exit Exam Sample Questions

Scores and more information:

Test results are available for graduates to view and/or print at the end of their test session.