Testing Procedure

Testing Services provides testing accommodations for students registered with the Disability Resource Center. 

In order for the student to receive testing accommodations, the student must:

  1. Contact the Disability Resource Center (if contact has not yet been made) to get accommodations approved.
  2. Meet with Testing Services to get a tour of the process.
  3. Inform the instructor that they plan to use the approved accommodations.
  4. Schedule a proctored exam by logging in to AIM.
  5. Students should plan ahead by contacting the nearest campus if assistance with registration is needed. Tests will be given by appointment only.

The testing lab has two private rooms available for students with special accommodations.

Types of Alternative Test Accommodations

Calculator - The use of a calculator helps the student avoid mistakes due to a disability. The student may use a calculator for exams when discussed and approved by their instructor prior to the test.

Extended Time 1.5x or 2x - The amount of extra testing time given to students is determined based on the student’s documentation. Students have the option to take their tests at the Testing Center or make alternate arrangements with their instructor. Students must communicate with their instructors (and the Testing Center) to make appropriate arrangement. 

Minimum Distraction - A distraction reduced environment is a setting outside of the usual classroom that limits interruptions and other environmental influences. A distraction reduced testing environment allows for increased control of noise or other distractions that may impact student performance in a testing situation. This accommodation can be provide by an instructor or the Testing Center as long as the student is provided an environment that is quiet without interruptions.  

Reader - A reader is when a person or assistive technology reads the test to the test-taker. This accommodation must be set up within the Testing Center.

Scribe - Students who are unable to write their exam independently due to a disability, may require assistance writing. The scribe will write the information exactly how the student gives it to them verbally.  

All testing accommodations must be discussed with the instructor. The student must contact the Testing Center to make appropriate arrangements if they plan to take their test in the Testing Center.