Implementation timeline

Growing Purposefully

From the beginning, a key college priority was ensuring that our QEP topic could grow over the life of the initiative and become a lasting part of the culture of the college. As a result, “Thinking Critically, Growing Purposefully” will expand deliberately across the college over the next five-year period. New critical thinking courses will be added to the course catalog through an iterative process of pilot-refinement-implementation.

What can you expect for the QEP in the first year?

The first year of the QEP initiative will be focused on establishing the foundation for the five-year program. The 2022-2023 academic year will include a marketing campaign to raise awareness about the QEP, the establishment of on-going professional development events such as the college’s new “Critical Thinking Development Day,” and the first pilots of critical thinking focused courses. The following list includes a few of the action items for the QEP for the first year.

Summer 2022

  • Prepare and submit SACSCOC QEP Report
  • Establish college marketing effort to increase QEP awareness among students, faculty and staff

Fall 2022

  • Launch a new critical thinking pre-test & reflection module in College Success Course (COLS 101)
  • Add critical thinking information and branding to the student planner program within COLS 101
  • Establish online QEP resource repository (for faculty)
  • Onsite visit with SACSCOC (October 3-6)
  • Develop and submit first critical thinking course proposals for internal review

Spring 2023

  • Launch first critical thinking pilot course sections
  • Create and release student-facing QEP information and resource webpages
  • Launch incentive program for college exit exam
  • Launch first annual “Critical Thinking Development Day”
  • Develop and submit second batch of course proposals for review

Looking ahead: The full five year plan.

A full timeline for the five-year initiative is included in the college’s QEP Report