Learning Support General Information

The purpose of the program is to help under prepared students pass college level courses and to graduate at the same level as better prepared students. The Learning Support Program integrates personal development and academic development into coursework and provides support services such as counseling.

  1. Because Learning Support (LS) courses are designed to help students succeed in college, students should take them first. Columbia State's Writing, Math and Reading follow the Co-Requisite Model. Students are now required to enroll in the Learning Support course and a college level English and/or Math course. Students with requirements may take some college-level courses. College-level course without LS prerequisites/co-requisites may also be taken while students are completing the LS requirements.
  2. Students enrolled in an LS course should not drop/withdraw from that course, except for serious extenuating circumstances. If there is a need to withdraw from the LS course, the student should also withdraw from the college level course. Specifically, there are not stand alone LS Reading or Writing classes. Students who fail to officially drop a course in ChargerNet will receive an "F" for the course.
  3. LS credits cannot apply to a degree because they are not college-level courses. However, they do count toward full-time status and for financial aid purposes.
  4. First -time students with valid ACT scores (scores acquired within the past five years) receive their academic placement according to those scores. First-time students with no valid ACT scores will be required to take the ACCUPLACER® for placement. Students may challenge their ACT placement by taking the ACCUPLACER® one time. Students who place initially with the ACCUPLACER® exam may also challenge those initial results one time. Placement will be based on the best scores from all valid placement instruments. 
    • Free for initial testing for Columbia State students
    • $25.00 if challenging valid ACT or previous ACCUPLACER® scores. The cost is non-refundable and non-transferable.
    • $25.00 for NON-TBR remote  ACCUPLACER® testing.
  5. Once students attempt or complete a course in a content area, they cannot re-test in that area.