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Emergencies should be reported by calling 911.

To report security issues, contact Campus Security at 931.540.2700.

TBR Policy 04:01:05:50, Preventing and Reporting Fraud, Waste or Abuse outlines management’s responsibility to maintain a work environment that promotes ethical and honest behavior. In addition, the policy outlines that any reports of fraud, waste, or abuse are considered confidential working papers under Tennessee Code Annotated § 49-14-103.  “Although every attempt will be made to keep information confidential, circumstances such as an order of a court or subpoena may result in disclosure.  Also, if TBR or one of its institutions has a separate legal obligation to investigate the complaint (e.g. complaints of illegal harassment or discrimination), TBR and its institutions cannot ensure anonymity or complete confidentiality.” (TBR Policy 04:01:05:50)

TBR 04:01:05:50 outlines that any employee “who becomes aware of known or suspected fraud, waste or abuse should immediately report the incident to an appropriate departmental official. Incidents should be reported to one of the following officials or offices:

  1. A supervisor or department head;
  2. an institutional official;
  3. the institutional internal auditor;
  4. the Office of System-wide Internal Audit; or
  5. the Tennessee Comptroller of the Treasury’s Hotline for fraud, waste and abuse.

Reporting Options 

Columbia State Reporting Hotline

Columbia State Community College Internal Auditor

TBR System-Wide Internal Audit
TBR Fraud Reporting

State of Tennessee Comptroller’s Hotline for Fraud, Waste and Abuse
Tennessee Fraud Reporting 

Protection from Retaliation 

Tennessee Code Annotated § 8-50-116 prohibits discrimination or retaliation against employees for reporting allegations of dishonest acts or cooperating with auditors conducting an investigation. (TBR Policy 04:01:05:50)