Honors Class Proposals

All instructors (full and part time) are eligible to teach Honors classes under the direction of the Honors Program Director and the Area Lead. Any Gen Ed class is open to be taught as an Honors class; agreements can enable honors projects in non-Gen Ed classes, which would be helpful to our AAS students. Typically, all Honors classes would demonstrate internal enrichment in terms of content and external enrichment in terms of community outreach. However, the Honors Task Force recognizes that external enrichment options are limited due to this ongoing pandemic. 

Until the COVID pandemic has been addressed adequately, the community outreach elements of these classes may be waived or substituted by permitting projects and work to be posted on the new Honors Program website.

If faculty/instructor wishes to have an honors contract subsection or class, they would submit a form (online) with the following information:

  • The class title
  • The number of students in the class section or subsection
  • Times/Dates of the proposed class/subsection, with any concurrent non-Honors classes
  • The pre-requisites for the class (this can include college pre-requisite courses, minimum test scores or high school GPAs, and other criteria defined by the professor themselves)
  • A 150-250 word abstract that would describe the class experience and how it would qualify as an honors experience through internal and external class activities.

The faculty/instructor would coordinate this with the Honors Program Lead and their Area Lead in order to ensure fulfillment of requirements for both the Area and the Honors Program. The abstract would also be posted on the Honors Program website and included in a student’s honors agreement or as a syllabus supplement to indicate the expectations of the class.

Complete the form below to submit a proposal.