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Student Achievements

Welcome to Columbia State’s Merit page portal, where personalized stories about a student’s milestones and accomplishments are easily created and delivered to relevant stakeholders in media, government, education, communities and more. Merit makes it easy to turn awards, achievements or participation into personalized stories for everyone involved — whether it’s one person or 1,000.

Merit is designed to showcase student success at Columbia State by publicizing honors lists, club participation, special activities, internships, scholarships, studying abroad, athletics, academic honors and more!

We want to share stories about your students' accomplishments by publishing them on Columbia State's Merit page. Merit will automatically transform these personalized stories into hometown news releases and send them to the appropriate media outlet for each person via its built-in media contact database.

Each person’s story has their own unique details in it and is automatically published to their own personalized Merit page, which showcases their achievements from all organizations in Merit’s network. We can then share these personalized stories to social networks like Facebook and Twitter, putting Columbia State’s brand in front of thousands of trusted friends and family members.

Stories are also sent to each person’s elected state representatives via Merit’s weekly “constituent relations” email digest, so government officials can see first-hand the success of students from Columbia State that they represent through public support for education. We can also reach high schools with updates on what their alumni are accomplishing — Merit stories can be automatically sent to each person’s former learning institution so that everyone’s aware of how we’re fostering success.

Please click on the link below, and fill out and submit the form with as much information as you have. Achievements look best with a photo, so be sure to add one! Don't forget the photo caption, and tell us who the people in the photo are. After you submit your suggestion, we'll review it, and publish it on our Merit page. Anyone you tag in the form will also have an update posted to their Merit page.