Reversal of Charges

Student Obligation for Payment of Tuition, Fees & Other Charges

  • Students who register for classes but decide not to participate in those classes must complete the online Official Withdrawal Process.
  • Students are responsible for charges regardless of whether or not a subsequent review finds that the student is ineligible for initial financial aid awards.
  • Students remain personally liable for the full amount of charges assessed by the College even if an anticipated funding source (i.e., scholarship, financial aid, etc.) fails to materialize.


Eligibility for Reversal of Charges

Requests for a Reversal of Charges must be submitted by written request or authorized email on file from the student to Business Office. The request should include name, student ID number, an explanation, and any supporting documentation. Business Office will review the request and make a determination based on the information provided by the student.

If the student received federal or state financial assistance, the Business Office will refer the request to the Financial Aid Director to receive his/her input. Federal Title IV aid regulations do not allow enrollment reversal for students who receive federal financial assistance. Additional information on withdrawals and possible required repayment for federal financial aid recipients can be found in the Title IV Funds Policy.  

Reversal of charges will be considered under the following conditions:   

  1. Death of an immediate family member, documented serious illness, or other extreme circumstances beyond the student’s control;
  2. Military mobilization; and
  3. College error.

A student may appeal a denial by the Business Office to the Vice President for Financial and Administrative Services.