Refunds, Drops and Withdrawals

Sometimes students find it necessary to drop a course or withdraw from school. Tuition and fee refunds are pro-rated based upon the point in the semester at which you drop the course. Students should never simply stop attending as that will result in failing grades in your courses which may make it extremely difficult to ever again receive financial aid should your situation change and you want reinstatement.

Before making a decision to drop a course(s) you should:

  • Talk with your professor!
    • Your professor wants you to be successful! Sometimes professors are able to help you continue in the class so that you do not have to drop.
  • Notify your advisor!
    • Your advisor is there to help you find alternatives and to make sure that you have taken advantage of any and all resources that might help you successfully finish your class. If it is really necessary to drop a class, your advisor can help you fill out the necessary paperwork to get the process rolling.
  • Notify financial aid to find how dropping a course might impact your financial aid package!
    • Some financial aid sources require you to carry a certain number of hours. Dropping one course may cause you to miss out on those funds or even have to repay them. Learn more about Title IV Funds Policy.
    • Dropping classes may also affect your financial aid eligibility due to not making Satisfactory Academic Progress.

The deadlines for refunds, dropping and withdrawing from classes are as follows:

Spring 2020
Refund and Drop/Withdrawal Dates
Session Code Class Dates

100% Refund

75% Refund 25% Refund Last Day to Adjust (Add) Last Day to Drop, Withdraw or Change to Audit
1-Full 1/21-5/8 1/20/20 2/3/20 2/16/20
1/24/20 3/27/20
O-(TN eCampus Full) 1/21-5/6 1/20/20 2/3/20 2/16/20 1/24/20 3/27/20
RA1-(TN eCampus 1st) 1/21-3/6 1/20/20
1/25/20 2/1/20 1/21/20 2/20/20
RA2-(TN eCampus 2nd) 3/16-5/6 3/15/20 3/19/20 3/28/20 3/16/20 4/18/20
RA3-(TN eCampus 10 week)
2/23/20 3/4/20 3/13/20 2/24/20
Q-1st 7 weeks
1/21-3/7 1/20/20 1/26/20 2/1/20 1/21/20 2/21/20
R-2nd 7 weeks
3/16-5/2 3/15/20 3/22/20
 S-1st 10 weeks
 1/21-4/6  1/20/20  1/29/20  2/8/20  1/24/20  3/11/20
 T-2nd 10 weeks
 2/24-5/8  2/23/20  3/3/20  3/13/20  2/24/20  4/13/20

NOTICE: Columbia State is not responsible for any errors or omissions of information on this page. Note that some refund/drop/withdrawal last dates may fall on weekends and holidays, and registration changes may only be completed on those days by web. If you need assistance, the last date is the last college working day before the deadline.

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