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The last day to register for spring is January 14.

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You can also schedule an appointment with your assigned advisor. 
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You are not required to make an appointment with your assigned advisor. However, you should make an appointment with an advisor from the appropriate academic division.

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Plans for Spring 2021 Semester

Academic Calendar

The application deadline for the full and first terms is January 11. Classes begin January 19 and final exams will be held May 1-7. View the Academic Calendar for Spring 2021.

Spring Class Schedule

The spring course schedule will include several instructional formats: live-streaming Desktop Video Conferencing (DVC) via Zoom, online, hybrid, and a limited number of small-group, on-ground classes. They are as follows:

Lecture Courses – Live-Streaming Desktop Video Conferencing (DVC/Zoom)

All on-ground lecture courses are being converted to live-streaming DVC using ZOOM. Live-streaming classes are engaged live virtual learning. Students must be available to participate in class during the posted scheduled days and times for lecture and will submit assignments using ‘Online Campus’ or other software specific to the course. Students will be required to have a camera and microphone to participate. Computer labs will be open on every campus for student use by appointment.

Online Courses

A full schedule of online classes (Columbia State and TN eCampus) will be offered as with other semesters. An online class is one in which the student sets their schedule for completing the class (asynchronous) and does not have to log in at a certain time or day. Students are required to meet all published assignment deadlines in order to pass the course.

Labs and Skill-Based Courses

Whenever possible, course labs are being converted to online format. Specific lab and skill-based sections will meet on campus, with everyone wearing a mask, completing a safe health questionnaire, and employing safe distancing with classes meeting in small groups.

  • Departments that will have on-campus requirements in small groups in multiple courses such as: ANES, EETC, EMSA, EMSP, ENST, FCT, FIRE, MLAB, NRSG, RADT, RESP, VET
  • Courses that will have on-campus requirements in small groups such as: PHED 1210, PHED 2010
  • Courses that are Live Streaming - Hybrid Flex such as: ARTP 2620 and 2630 (small groups meet every other class period)
  • Courses that are Live-Streaming classes with scheduled skills check-offs in small groups such as: HED 231

Clinical, Internships, Practicums, and Apprenticeships:

Workplace learning courses such as clinical, internships, and practicums will require participation at the clinical or assigned work location to complete course requirements. Completion of these courses will depend on the availability of access to the assigned location.

In the event of closure of access to workplace learning facilities, students may be reassigned to new locations or an incomplete grade assigned in the course until assigned locations reopen to students. Students electing an incomplete may extend program completion timelines. Students participating in clinical must sign a COVID-19 Pandemic Acknowledgement form.

Flex Sessions/Faculty-Student Study Groups

To support students and learning styles small group campus-based flex class sessions, study groups or specialized instruction may be offered. These sessions would be instructor scheduled classroom time that would be consistent with safe protocol and for the purpose of meeting student learning needs.


Our Orientation program is designed for new degree seeking and certificate students. It provides information to support a successful transition to college.

All first time freshman and transfer students with less than 24 earned credit hours are required to attend orientation. Only fully admitted students can sign-up for an orientation. Additionally, advising and registration for new students is now completed via individual appointments with College Success Advisors.

Orientation Information
Mental Health & Self-Care Tips Tennessee Promise Tennessee Promise is a statewide program that allows graduating high school and home school seniors the opportunity to earn a degree or certificate. TN Promise
smiling woman at desk on phone Tennessee Reconnect With tuition-free Tennessee Reconnect, there’s no time like now for adults to begin a degree or certificate program at Columbia State. TN Reconnect

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