Study Tips for the Auditory Learner

High Auditory learners benefit from listening - hearing the information and processing it accordingly. Auditory learners focus easily on sounds and have good memory of what they have heard through lectures or on tape. The following hints are useful for Auditory learners.

  1. Try studying with a friend so that you can talk out loud and hear the information.
  2. Recite out loud the things you want to remember.
  3. Tape your lectures and review your notes while listening to the your tape. This gives a double auditory input. Transfer your notes to index cards that you can carry with you and review
  4. Read an assignment for 25 minutes (no more - you lose 85% of your input after the first 25 minutes.) When beginning a textbook chapter, read the summary to get a general idea of the information. Then begin the reading. (You might even try reading aloud). 
  5. Underline main points in an eye-arresting color - for example, neon highlighters.
  6. At the end of 25 minutes, take a one-to-five minute break. Disconnect totally from your reading - exercise, relax, snack - whatever is comfortable for you.
  7. Review aloud all underlined materials. If you take notes in addition to underlining in the book, read your notes aloud as well.
  8. Read for 25 minutes and underline.
  9. Take a break.
  10. Review aloud from beginning of underlined material. Repeat.