Oct 01, 2020 | Access and Diversity , Featured

Columbia State Celebrates the 100th Anniversary of Women’s Right to Vote

(COLUMBIA, Tenn. – Sept. 20, 2020) - - - Columbia State Community College hosted a community event celebrating the 100th anniversary of women’s right to vote alongside Callie Morton Temple #817, the General Federated Women’s Club and Girls Reaching Achieving Courage Everyday.
Women from across Middle Tennessee traveled to Columbia to pay tribute to those who paved the way for female equality. The program included songs of encouragement, messages of hope and inspirational tributes recognizing 10 of the most notable women in the Women’s Suffrage Movement that worked hard to give women the right to vote.
“The Women's Suffrage Movement took over 72 years and today, 100 years after the
19thamendment passed with Tennessee's 36th vote, we still need to do the work
to encourage women to vote,” said Dr. Christa Martin, Columbia State assistant to the president for access and diversity. “Women play important parts in all aspects of our communities. This wouldn’t have been possible without the strong foundation that was established by many women suffragettes.”
During the event, Dr. Janet F. Smith, Columbia State president, delivered a brief history on Tennessee’s involvement in the suffrage movement and spoke on the importance of voting.
“Voting is a very special privilege that we all have,” Smith said. “It is a privilege that we need to take very seriously. It is a right and a duty to vote. There are too many individuals – – men, women, black, brown, yellow – that have worked extremely hard to give each of us the opportunity to make our voice count in our communities and in our government.”
In honor of the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment, Columbia State encourages all women and men to exercise their right vote. You can find voting resources, including voter registration information, at govotetn.gov