Oct 19, 2017

Columbia State SGA President elected to TBR Advisory Board

(COLUMBIA, Tenn. - Oct. 19, 2017) - - - Columbia State Community College Student Government Association president, Kirkland Pinkerton, was recently elected chairman of the SGA President's Advisory Board at the Tennessee Board of Regents.

"I'm so proud that Kirkland was chosen by his peers across the state to lead this year's advisory board," said Cady Denton, Columbia State student leadership coordinator. "Given his experience on last year's board, and his two years' experience as SGA President, I know that his opinion and leadership will be valuable to the group. Kirkland has been a great asset to the Columbia State SGA, and I'm excited to see him continuing to seek and conquer bigger and bigger challenges."

Pinkerton has always had the desire to lead others. Throughout his middle school and high school career he served on Student Council, which paved the way for his college career. Pinkerton began as senator of Columbia State's SGA and quickly worked his way up to president, and currently is in his second and final term.

"I want this to be my biggest two contributing semesters yet," Pinkerton said. "I have many plans to further the betterment of our college and to make and impact, not only at Columbia State, but across the state with my new position as well."

Pinkerton's duties as chairman are to listen to speakers, run and adjourn formal business meetings, organize Skype or phone conference meetings, and most importantly, make sure the students' voices are heard.

Last year, Pinkerton had the ability to assist in writing a piece of legislation for the Tennessee Intercollegiate State Legislature that would allow university students and board members to have voting rights. The legislation has been tabled until their next session in January.

Before Pinkerton's presidency ends, he hopes to implement new plans to better Columbia State as well as the community. One of his plans is to follow through with the SGA fee legislation.

The SGA fee legislation would add $3 to the current student activity fee, which is currently one of the lowest in the state. This fee increase would fund an SGA budget for events and initiatives - currently, the SGA operates on the student activity fee budget that is shared with other clubs, organizations and student services on campus. The fee would help promote additional events and activities for Columbia State students.

Pinkerton credits his success to Denton and to her mentorship during his academic career at Columbia State.

"Cady Denton has been instrumental in sculpting me into the person that I am today, and as much as she says that I've written my own success, I never could have gotten through a lot of things without her," Pinkerton said.

Pinkerton graduates in May 2018 and will be receiving his Associate of Science degree in sociology. He plans to continue his education at Austin Peay State University to earn a bachelor's degree before moving forward to pursue a master's in higher education and student affairs.

Kirkland Pinkerton, SGA President and TBR Advisory board chair.
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Kirkland Pinkerton, Columbia State SGA president and chairman of the TBR SGA President's Advisory Board, is a graduate of Hickman County High School and currently resides in Centerville.

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