Nov 20, 2015

Columbia State Offering Live Stream Courses in Spring 2016

Have you ever wanted to attend class in real time from home or even your local coffee shop? Now you can!

Columbia State is offering several Desktop Vidyo Conferencing courses in Spring 2016.

Desktop Vidyo Conferencing classes are courses that are live streamed online. Students can log in to the live stream from any location with internet access. These courses also have an on-ground option.

Web conferencing software is used to connect the students with the instructor virtually. This method of instruction provides the capability of two-way audio, video and chat for interaction with the instructor and other students. There may be occasions when an instructor will require students to come to the originating campus location or to the nearest campus to take online proctored midterm and final exam.

To learn more about DVC courses visit or contact Dr. Dearl Lampley at or 931-540-2678.