Feb 05, 2013

Tim Webb Named Alumnus Of The Year

Webb's Leadership in Education Invaluable to the College and the State of Tennessee

Columbia State Community College's Alumni Association named State of Tennessee Commissioner of Education, Dr. Timothy Webb, 2008-09 Alumnus of the Year for his active leadership in Tennessee education since 1990.

"Dr. Webb's selection as the 2008-09 Alumnus of the Year is a tribute to his hard work, dedication, and involvement in the many areas he encountered at Columbia State Community College," said Tom Turchetta, director of alumni relations and community events. "As Commissioner of Education for the state of Tennessee, Dr. Webb continues to honor Columbia State with his outstanding work long after his time as one of our many outstanding students."

Webb, a 1985 magna cum laude graduate also holds a doctorate in Education Leadership from Nova Southeastern University, a master's degree in Education Leadership from Middle Tennessee State University, and a bachelor's degree from Regents College.

"Columbia State is a jewel. I never, ever take the experience I had there for granted," said Webb. "It really set the stage for me to go on and pursue the level of education that I did."

Webb served as a system-wide Title II Coordinator, Athletic Director, Assistant Principal and Superintendent of Lewis County Schools from 1997 - 2003. He is a retired Battalion Staff Officer of the Tennessee Army National Guard, a member of the National Center of Education Statistics, the National Assessment Governing Board and the TNII Steering Committee. Webb is also active in a number of Lewis County community groups.