Feb 05, 2013

Nursing Student Awarded Scholarship

Motes to work for Saint Thomas Healthcare Organization upon Graduation

Columbia State Community College Williamson County nursing student and Davidson County resident, Joshua Motes has been awarded the Saint Thomas Health Services Nursing Advantage Scholarship.

"He is an excellent representative of our nursing student body," said Barbara Blum, interim director of nursing at Columbia State. "He is committed to quality in both patient care and academic excellence."

Qualification for the award is based on a combination of academics, references, and contributions to the school, community and healthcare. The scholarship is worth a total of $3,500 per academic year or $7,000 over a two year time period.

"I am really excited and blessed," said Motes, whose inspiration to work in the medical field comes from his love of people and desire to show compassion for others.

Motes is currently employed as a nursing extern at Saint Thomas Hospital where he will also be working as a registered nurse after graduating from Columbia State. Motes will start his third semester of the nursing program at Columbia State's Williamson County Campus in the fall.