Feb 05, 2013

Lawrenceburg Math Academy Is A Success

During the week of June 15, the Lawrence County Campus of Columbia State Community College (Lawrenceburg) hosted the Math for Life summer math academies, which provided an opportunity for middle school students to increase their knowledge of math through a series of fun interactive workshops that helped them learn to improve their academic performance by identifying strengths as a way to overcome academic challenges.

"Students received extensive information from certified math instructors on the need to master math skills in the area of percentages, addition, multiplication, division, subtraction, arithmetic, financial skills, finance, and basic math," said Christa Martin, Assistant to the President for Access & Diversity. "Our goal was for them to have fun, learn fundamentals, and imagine their future in math."

Pictured are:
Front row: Shavon Henley (CoSCC student worker), Elijah White, Jessica Gilliam, Melissa Davis, Yolanda Ogilvie (CoSCC, Access & Diversity)
Back row: Christa Martin (CoSCC, Access & Diversity), James Smith (CoSCC teacher), Racheal Akins, Maria Brink, Timothy "Lance" Egly, Libby Rogers (Minor Hill School teacher)
Student Participants Not Pictured: Taylor Dudley, Kelley Jones, Jesse "Bryce" Trull, Sydney Ingram