Feb 05, 2013

Former Students Making An Impact

My name is Josh Bennett (pictured left with former classmate Matt Thomas), a recent graduate of Columbia State's Film Crew Technology program. I just completed the program over the summer and I recommend it over any other programs offered in Tennessee. This program provided me with information that I needed to know as well as a lot of hands on experience. Instructor Read Ridley is a great teacher for this course because he makes you feel like you are on an actual movie set.

Instead of going to class it feels like you are going to work on a major hollywood production. Our class helped shoot the official Columbia State Commercial.

Anyway, an opportunity came up over the summer for me to use the talent and skills picked up in Film Crew Technology. My church was going on a Mission Trip so I offered to document the entire trip using my HD Camera and Edit using Final Cut Pro. Not only did I get to use these talents, but I was able to use them in a positive way. In the Film Crew Technology program we used HD video camera and Final cut pro.

So in July I left for costa rica with Martin Church of Christ and just finished editing the one hour documentary about the trip which premiered at the church last Sunday. The Martin group hosted a VBS for children ages 2-13. The money raised from the DVD sales will go to next year's Mission trip.

The DVD includes 800 Pictures and a 1 hour documentary shot and edited by me. I am very thankful for the Columbia State program and that I am able to use my knowledge to make an impact on other peoples lives. The DVD will be available at josh-bennett.com. Here is the trailer...