Feb 05, 2013


Photo Caption: Columbia State's Film Crew Technology students prepare to shoot a scene for their silent film submission for the Nashville 48-Hour Film Festival. The film crew won awards for "Best Silent," "Best Cinematography Overall," and "Best Film." Photo credit: Columbia State Film Crew Technology program graduate, Josh Bennett of Josh Bennett Photography.

(FRANKLIN, Tenn. - Aug. 1, 2012) - - - Columbia State Community College's Film Crew Technology students swept the award ceremony with three awards for their submission in the Nashville 48-Hour Film Project. Competing against teams from all over the mid-state the college's team took "Best Silent Film" and "Best Cinematography Overall," and in their division, the team was awarded "Best Film."

The competition pitted Columbia State against 13 other divisional teams. The overall recognitions were awarded in competition with teams from each of the other four divisions. The Nashville 48-Hour Film Project gives teams 48 consecutive hours to write, script, cast, shoot and edit a movie. The teams are given random elements which must be incorporated into the finished video.

Columbia State's team competed in the "Silent Movie" category and had to incorporate a character names Fritz or Frieda Sinclair, a gym teacher, a blender and the line, "We need to get going."

The videos were screened and judged on July 25 and 26 at the Malco Smyrna Cinema and the award ceremony was held July 31.

We encountered a little bit of everything," said Read Ridley, director of the Film Crew Technology program which is based at the Franklin Campus of Columbia State.

"The most problematic was that it rained and rained," he said. "The team wound up incorporating the rain into the script."

"I think one of our best advantages was that our program carefully trains students to work as a team in a professional environment," Ridley said. "That worked for us."

The 12-month Film Crew Technology program at Columbia State's Williamson County campus is directed by Read Ridley. Students leave the program ready to enter the technical and mechanical end of film production with jobs in film and video. The program meets the California industry standard, training students in the art of the grip, electrical (lighting) and art departments. Students also gain experience in cinematography and non-linear editing using Final Cut Pro.

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