Feb 05, 2013

Common Course Names and Numbers Changed

Columbia State students registering now will notice a change in the common courses numbers in the fall 2011 course schedule. That means many of our courses have changed rubrics (the 3 or 4 letter part like ENGL) and/or course numbers (the digit part like 1010). Most of the course names are still the same. (English Comp is still English Comp.) These changes will help students make a smoother transition from one school to another.

A table listing the currently approved rubric changes for common courses is available here. If you have questions, please contact your advisor or the Division Dean (Humanities and Social Sciences, 931.540-2780; Science, Technology and Math, 931-540-2710; Health Sciences, 931-540-2600; or Learning Support (formerly Developmental Studies), 931-540-2853). Once again, this is all part of a statewide effort to make college and university transfer easier, creating a clear pathway for you.