Feb 05, 2013


Acting I Class to Perform a Comedy Written By Current Columbia State Student, William Love

Columbia State Community College's Acting I class will present a series of comedies at Ledbetter Auditorium on Thursday, April 15 and Friday, April 16 at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. They will present "The Bear," a one act play by Anton Chekov, "The Dollar," an experimental comedy by David Pinski, and "Tales from the Darkside" a light comedy written by Columbia State student, William Love. The comedies were directed by guest director, Sherri Sanders. This event is free and open to the public.

"All are funny and all are different," said Stuart Lenig, professor of speech and drama at Columbia State. "Join our clever students under the direction of guest director and instructor Sherri Sanders as they perform in a witty trio of playlets."

"The Bear" follows a widow in mourning who refuses to leave her house as a way of remaining "forever faithful to her late husband." Her quiet domain is invaded upon by a creditor who requests money owed by her husband. Upon being refused repayment of the debt and told to return the next day, the creditor refuses to leave resulting in a series of arguments and a comedy.

"The Dollar," a symbolic comedy, is about a troupe of stranded "strolling players" who end up haggling over a dollar bill they find. Control of the group is fought for by the characters due to the fact that whoever controls the dollar decides the fate of the play.

"Tales from the Darkside" is a light comedy about a mixed-up and crazy few moments in the life of a production that never quite 'gels,'" said Lenig. "It is a parody on 'Star Wars' with a strong flavor of 'Batman.' It's very funny."

Ledbetter Auditorium is located in the Clement building on the Columbia Campus.

For more information contact Stuart Lenig via email at slenig@columbiastate.edu or by phone at (931) 540-2877.