Feb 05, 2013

Columbia State Restructures Academic Divisions

Columbia State Community College has announced an academic services reorganization that went into effect July 1, 2010. The College has reorganized into three divisions, rather than the previous five, with Humanities and Social Sciences combining into one division, and Business and Technology joining Science and Mathematics to become the Division of Science, Technology and Mathematics. Health Sciences is the third division.

Along with the reorganization of divisions, Columbia State has announced those individuals who will lead each area. Mr. Gene Humphreys was appointed as the Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences, Mr. Dearl Lampley the Dean of Science, Technology, and Mathematics, and Ms. Kae Fleming the Dean of Health Sciences.

"We appreciate the willingness of individuals to serve in these capacities and the important feedback that faculty has provided to the selection process and to the reorganization plan," said Dr. Margaret Smith, Columbia State Executive Vice President/Provost. "We are indebted to Dr. Linda Horner, Mrs. Sandra Serkownek and Dr. Stu Lenig for their past service as division chairs and count ourselves blessed that their leadership will continue to positively impact our college as they redirect their talents to other projects and to creating a smooth transition into the new organizational structure. Regardless of the future challenges, our collective dedication to our students and to the college will enable us to work in unity to implement new programs and processes, to build upon past successes, and to refine our systems."

Columbia State's New Academic Services Structure and Personnel Adjustments

• Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences, Mr. Gene Humphreys
• Dean of Science, Technology, and Mathematics, Mr. Dearl Lampley
• Dean of Health Sciences, Ms. Kae Fleming
• Coordinator of English, Ms. Susanna Holmes
• Coordinator of Arts and Communication, Ms. Lacey Benns
• Coordinator of Sociology, Psychology, Education & Physical Education, Candace Warner
• Coordinator of History, Humanities, Geography, Political Science, Foreign
Language, and Philosophy, Dr. Stuart Lenig
• Coordinator of Sciences, Ms. Mandy Carter-Lowe
• Coordinator of Mathematics, Ms. Tammy Borren
• Director of Learning Support, Ms. Victoria Gay
• Director of Business Technology Program, Ms. Holly Brew
• Director of Business Information Technology Program, Ms. Laurie Pewitt

Columbia State is a two-year college, serving a nine-county area in southern Middle Tennessee with locations in Columbia, Franklin, Lawrenceburg, Lewisburg and Clifton. As Tennessee's first community college, Columbia State is committed to increasing access and enhancing diversity at all five campuses. Columbia State is a member of the Tennessee Board of Regents, the sixth largest higher education system in the nation. For more information, please visit www.columbiastate.edu.