Feb 05, 2013


The winning group was "Team Chargers" which provided a presentation entitled "Trebuchet". Students received a plaque and certificate for their efforts. Pictured (left to right) Jim Watson, Adjunct Physics Instructor; Nicholas Stephenson of Lewisburg; Eric Tietgens of Lewisburg; Michael Williams of Culleoka and Ashley Cummins of Mt. Pleasant (not pictured).

(Columbia, Tenn. - May 12, 2011) - - - Columbia State Community College's Science, Technology and Mathematics Division recently held a Physical Science Competition for students enrolled in the Physical Science 1030 course at the Lewisburg campus. This group competition is part of their overall grade and has become a standard each semester for students to collaborate and present the best written report and presentation to the class on some aspect of physical science. Three groups, consisting of four students per group, participated in the Spring 2011 semester competition. This semester marks the first time the competition was held at the Lewisburg campus. The presentations took place during the last two class sessions prior to final exams and each presentation was videotaped for the students.

"Many of the students have chosen teaching as their career path and are working towards their Associate of Science in Teaching degree, therefore their participation in the written report and verbal presentations are very helpful in preparing them for the education courses where such activities are routine," said Dr. Glenn Hudson, Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Columbia State. "In addition, students receive a video of the presentation and can use the information as part of their initial portfolio to the field of education."

"Team Electrodes" received Honorable Mention for their presentation on The Convex Lens of the Eye. (Left to right) Brittany Jones of Lewisburg; Jim Watson, Adjunct Physics Instructor; Whitney Fleming of Lewisburg; Keisha Sherrill of Chapel Hill and Dakota Lee of Petersburg.

The presentations included physical science concepts such as motion, sound, light, gravity, temperature, quantum concepts, earthquakes, ocean life, geology and atmospheric science. The reports and presentations were developed as if they were being presented to an audience of upper level elementary students.

"Students are graded on the originality and creativity of the project, the written report and on the group presentation made to their classmates and independent reviewers," explained Jim Watson, Adjunct Physics Instructor at Columbia State. "It is an excellent way for students to engage in the course and to encourage teamwork while learning additional topics about physical science."

The project grade is based on multiple criteria including the quality and content of the report and the in-class performance which consists of student introductions, interest levels during the presentations, description of projects, materials and methods used, timing of the presentation and group member interaction.

Students participating in the Physical Science Competition included (left to right) Brittany Jones of Lewisburg, Jennifer Clement of Lewisburg, Whitney Fleming of Lewisburg, Keisha Sherrill of Chapel Hill, Dakota Lee of Petersburg, Nicholas Stephenson of Lewisburg, Alexis Forsyth of Lewisburg, Eric Tietgens of Lewisburg, Carmen Auville of Culleoka and Michael Williams of Culleoka. Not picture are Carrie Narvaiz of Chapel Hill and Ashley Cummins of Mt. Pleasant.

Members of the winning team each received a plaque recognizing their achievement. All entrants received a certificate of participation. Entries were judged by Jim Watson, Adjunct Physics Instructor and Melissa Tyree, Adjunct Biology Instructor at Columbia State. This year's Physical Science Competition was sponsored by Marcus Insurance located in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee.

For more information on programs offered in the Science, Technology and Mathematics Division contact Dearl Lampley, Dean of Science, Technology and Mathematics and Associate Professor of Agriculture at (931) 540-2678 or by emailing dlampley@columbiastate.edu.

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