Feb 05, 2013


Vanderbilt Children's Hospital Employee Gives Students Insight on Pediatric Emergencies

"I love Columbia State, they do great things for the community and it's just nice to be asked to come and share with the students," said Eric Clauss, the Assistant Manager for the Comprehensive Regional Pediatric Center Outreach Team at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital and a Columbia State Community College Alumnus. "I had a great experience I wouldn't trade for anything-it opened so many doors.

The Columbia resident visited with fourth semester nursing students at Columbia State this past semester to discuss pediatric emergencies, trauma care, medical care and to give insight into the hospital and pediatrics.

"I wanted to share with them some of the things that go on with pediatric emergencies and how we treat them, and some of the types on injuries that are common in the area," said Clauss. "I also wanted them to have fun and learn in the process."

During the presentation, students observed video clips and participated by identifying and analyzing symptoms in patients.

"I like being able to see all of the many different aspects of nursing that are available to us," said fourth semester nursing student, Hope Bragg. "Being able to see the pediatric emergencies and how quickly a patient can go down makes you see how important it is to think ahead in this career."

Clauss, who attended classes at Columbia State's Williamson County Campus as a student, spoke about how sharing the experiences of working pediatric emergencies is important and how it would help the students in the future.

"I think it is important for us as an institution because so many pediatric patients do come to us at Vanderbilt, and chances are where these students work they are going to have a relationship with Vanderbilt Children if transfers occur, or with their own kids," said Clauss. "Not only that, but also for an opportunity to share how to treat children on an emergency level- that's what our team does. A lot of it is relationships, but also to share with them what is going on there and also what a wonderful place that is in the community."

Clauss currently resides in Columbia with his wife and two children.

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