Feb 05, 2013


Photo Caption: Upon completion of a math academy post-exam, students were awarded prizes based on final test scores. First place winners received a Kindle, and second place winners received a Texas Instruments TI-30X calculator. The Columbia campus winners were Nicholas Davis, first place, most improved; Kaylee Davis, first place, participation; James Washington, first place, highest score; Gabbi Platt, second place, participation; Logan Krueger, second place, most improved; and Alexa Davis, second place, highest score.

(COLUMBIA, Tenn. - Sept. 7, 2012) - - - In an effort to encourage future goals and the pursuit of higher education, Columbia State Community College hosted its fourth annual Summer Math Academy at each of its five campuses this summer.

While learning how to apply valuable math skills in everyday life, middle school aged campers spent four days strengthening their math skills that will help them excel in math at the high school level and beyond.

Christa Martin, the assistant to the president for access and diversity, looks forward to the long-term community initiative hosted by Columbia State. In addition to helping the participants fine-tune their math skills each summer, the academy's main focus is to build a stronger math foundation for the youth of southern Middle Tennessee.

"After a successful fourth year, we encourage everyone to remember us next year as we prepare for the 2013-2014 Summer Math Academy," Martin said. "The academy is made possible through a competitive grant, and it is our intent to apply again."

The Summer Math Academy is a $50,000 Tennessee Board of Regents grant that helps to build a strong foundation in basic math for middle school aged children, strengthen their math skills and better apply these skills for life. The academy exposes students to Columbia State campuses and faculty in hopes that they will set future higher education goals.

Photo Caption: The Lewisburg campus winners were Christopher Holder, first place, most improved; Lauren Fox, first place, participation; Christian Braden, first place, highest score; D'Andre Brown, second place, participation; Christoph Braden, second place, most improved; and Jess'Lee Ferlin, second place, highest score.

Photo Caption: Lawrenceburg winners, pictured left to right: Daniel Beddingfield, first place, participation; Jacob Whitehead; second place, most improved; William White second place, participation; Cheyenne Hill, first place, highest score; Destiny Ordway, first place, most improved; and William Johns, second place, highest score.

Photo Caption: Williamson County campus winners, pictured left to right: Kara-Jade Gordon, second place, most improved; Tayzha Collier, second place, participation; and Erica Massey, second place, highest score.

Photo Caption: Williamson County campus winners, pictured left to right: Alexander Qin, first place, highest score; Troyce Griffin, first place, participation; and Kennedy Whitney, first place, most improved.

Photo Caption: Clifton winners, pictured left to right: Chritsa S. Martin, assistant to the president, Columbia State; Devin Letson, second place, most improved; Victoria Reaves, first place, most improved; Elise Nutt, first place, participation; Courtney Rees, first place, highest score; Colin Casteel, second place, participation; and Brooklyn Grimes, second place, highest score.