Feb 05, 2013

Animals Available For Adoption

Columbia State Community College's Veterinary Technology program helps animals find homes. Students have been taking care of animals from some of the local animal shelters in the College's nine-county service area. The program gets animals each semester, spay/neuter and vaccinate them. First year students take care of them seven days a week, but they are up for adoption at the end of each semester. If you're interested in helping any of the following animals find a home, please contact Alicia Hardison, program director for Veterinary Technology, at 931-540-2743 or ahardison1@columbiastate.edu. Note - all animals are free of change, except for a $1.50 rabies tag.

Reba: Reba is a black, two-year old domestic short haired cat. She isn't very big and she is very friendly. She loves attention and being petted. She is very quiet and is litter box trained. Reba has had all of her vaccinations and has been dewormed. She would make an awesome pet for someone living alone or for a family. She isn't aggressive and gets along well with other cats so she would make the perfect pet. And a plus…she is spayed so no worries of having little kitties running around. She is a very sweet little kitty.

Pepper: Male/neutered 2 year old lab mix, heartworm tested, vaccinated, dewormed
He is super sweet, loyal, happy, and lots of fun! Pepper loves attention. He seems to get along well with other dogs, as well as people. Pepper would make a great sidekick, and would be happy to have a good buddy of his own. Please help him find a wonderful home.

Goofy: Looking to add a new member to your family? Why not this incredibly loveable and goofy dog! This is Goofy a 2-year old male/neutered lab mix. He was brought to the Columbia State Vet-Tech program for student training purposes and to hopefully be adopted out at the end of the semester. He has been vaccinated, dewormed and heartworm tested. Goofy is the most energetic, playful dog you will ever meet. He is definitely more of an outside dog and he gets along very well with other dogs. So, you think Goofy sounds like a good match for you? Stop by the Health Science building and check him out!