Mission Statement

To engage the intellectual curiosity of advanced students though an experience in interdisciplinary coursework, internal course enrichment, external engagement with the broader community, field trip experiences, dedicated seminars and conference opportunities.
  • Honors Program Emphasis:
    Experiential and service learning and encouraging critical thinking within the individual. The classes will be a mixture of full class sections that are designated as honors alongside subsections within non-honors classes. The student in these subsections would be asked to create an agreement with the professor stating that they understand what they would be required of them beyond their non-honors enrolled peers.

  • Honors Program Club:
    All students who take an Honors class will be part of an Honors club, a group with voluntary participation in various activities, possibly including special speakers, conference participation and other enriching experiences.

  • Honors Degree:
    For those students who take and make a letter grade of B in at least 15 Honors-designated credits, an Honors degree will be conferred upon them at graduation.