Grants Management

The Grants office assists faculty, administration, staff and the Columbia State Community College Foundation in securing funding for the cultivation and enhancement of student success programs, faculty research, pilot programs, student scholarships, new classroom and laboratory equipment, and training.

We encourage all Columbia State Community College faculty and staff to explore funding opportunities or potential project ideas. Subject matter expertise is invaluable in the development of prospective projects. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have discovered a grant opportunity, would like to discuss your project concept and possible funding opportunities, or for technical assistance in the administration of your grant award.

Grant Procedures Flowchart
The Grant Process Flowchart is a user-friendly guide to the grants process at Columbia State.
Grant Process Flowchart
flowchart of grant procedure
Grant Policies
Learn more about Grant policies at Columbia State Community College and how you can take advantage of the Grant Proposal Process.
Grant Policies
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Recent College Grants


Patrick McElhiney
Director of Grants
Columbia Campus, Pryor 113
931.540.2841 (fax)