The Sociology Award will be given to a student who meets the following criteria:

  • The student must have successfully completed, or be in the process of successfully completing, a minimum of two sociology departmental courses offered at Columbia State Community College by the award semester.
  • The student must earn a minimum of a 3.0 GPA in all sociology departmental courses.
  • The student must earn a minimum of a 2.5 overall GPA.
  • The student must have completed a minimum of 12 hours at Columbia State Community College.
  • The student must demonstrate professional potential in the field of sociology or social work.
  • Preference will be given to students who are majoring in sociology or social work.

*All students from each Columbia State Community College site or center who meet the above criteria will be considered for the award.

Selection Process:

Full-time faculty will evaluate the academic and professional potential of eligible students, and will also consult with sociology and social work adjunct faculty for nominees. Full-time faculty may request eligible students to complete additional information such as an essay or information form in order to determine the Sociology Award recipient. Full-time sociology faculty will reach a collective decision on the student who will receive the Sociology Award for the academic year.