Sociology and Social Work Courses

SOCI 1010: Intro to Sociology

Sociology is the systematic study of human society. This introductory course will provide an assessment of how social forces, institutions, and inequality influence human interaction. Topics of study include: culture, crime, economy, government, media, family, religion, education, health care, race, ethnicity, poverty, and gender.

*SOCI 1010: Intro to Sociology is offered in both a hybrid and Internet only format through Columbia State Community College.

SOCI 1040: Social Problems

This sociology course examines quality of life issues and contributing factors of social problems with a focus on deviance and inequality. Topics of study include: sexual deviance, crime, substance abuse, violence, poverty, gender inequality, racial and ethnic inequality; problems in social institutions, such as government and the economy; and global social problems, such as war and overpopulation. Students are encouraged to take Introduction to Sociology (SOCI 1010) prior to or along with Social Problems (SOCI 1040).

*SOCI 1040: Social Problems is offered in a hybrid course format through Columbia State Community College.

SOCI 2010: Marriage and Family

This course examines the family as a social institution with an emphasis on both men’s and women's changing roles in the American family. Topics will include: family background, mate selection, sexuality, family finances, effective relationship communication, parenthood, marital conflict, and issues concerning stepfamilies.

SOC 210: Cultural Anthropology

Cultural Anthropology is the study of human cultural and biological adaptation and diversity. This course involves a global look at human cultures across time and space and will introduce students to history, methods, and theories of anthropology. Primary attention will be given to the concept of culture as an analytical tool.

SWRK 2010: Intro to Social Work

This course provides an introduction to the social work profession. Because the field of social work draws on the academic disciplines of sociology and psychology, students will gain insight into the social and environmental factors that influence individual lives. Students will become acquainted with the challenges and rewards of social work. Social service agencies, as well as current social policies, will also be discussed. Other topics will include social work practice in family & children’s services, health care, schools, criminal justice, substance abuse, and workplace settings.

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