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Academic and Research Fair Columbia Campus

Date & Time:
Monday, November 06 - Friday, November 10, 2023
All Day

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This is an event sponsored by the Honors Program and Undergraduate Research to give students the opportunity to present work that they have completed at Columbia State to a wider audience. The work must have a research component, critical engagement with the content matter, and the individual input of the student. Students will create presentation boards, get approval from a faculty sponsor, and then have them posted in Finney Library and then in the Admin Building on Williamson County Campus. There will be 3 divisions and judging for prize money.


Columbia, TN


Contact Info:
Name: Anna Duch, Elvira Eivazova
Email: aduch@ColumbiaState.edu, eeivazova@ColumbiaState.edu
Phone: 931.540.2642, 931.540.2693

Academic and Research Fair Columbia Campus