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HASS Lecture: Social Media - Friend or Foe?

Date & Time:
Tuesday, April 05, 2022
4:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

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Social media has a rich history, just by the purest definition. We have been communicating and sharing information since the beginning of time.

Times changed historically, and the word /news was spread by horse and rider or a single person announcing pertinent information in the town’s square. Jump to 2022, and we are consumed with media that perpetuates our life styles 24/7.

There has been great innovation since the creation of the printing press, radio and television….and the Internet!! But……how has it changed us? Good, bad or indifferent? We will explore this topic including a brief history and cultural reference and devote the majority of time with the good, bad and the ugly of social media. Join Professor Grigsby for an INTERACTIVE discussion on Social Media, Friend or Foe?

In-person: Ledbetter Auditorium

Zoom: https://columbiastate.zoom.us/j/3416150757
Meeting ID: 341 615 0757

Ledbetter Auditorium and Zoom


1665 Hampshire Pike

Columbia, TN 38401