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Textbooks and Other Supplies

There are multiple options available for students to get their textbooks.

  • Campus bookstore on the Columbia and Williamson campuses
  • Online via the bookstore website: Columbia State Bookstore
  • Digital Engagement Initiative (DEI): This affordable program delivers the required materials for your course in a digital format by the first day of class. To learn more, go to DEI Information.

Excess financial aid funds may be used to help students purchase books and other supplies through the bookstore. Information on this is available through financial aid's frequently asked questions website.

Some classes may require students to purchase additional materials such as calculators, notebooks, software or access codes.

Students are not obligated to purchase their books through the Columbia State bookstore.

Textbook Information

Textbook information can be obtained by Columbia State students by look up class information in myChargerNet through the class schedule. When a course is selected, a screen appears displaying more information on the course, including a link for "Textbook Information". By selecting the link a display including title, ISBN number and price will appear. Students will have a variety of options for purchasing including digital formats.