College Majors Lead to High-Paying Careers

With funding provided by the Tennessee Board of Regents’ Student Engagement, Retention, and Success grant program, the “College Majors Lead to High-Paying Careers” video project helps students focus their educational plans by highlighting college majors that lead to higher salary paying careers, which may not have been previously considered. Students, alumni, faculty, and community partners directly related to the program of study share their experiences and insights about the career paths and opportunities available in the field, as well as why Columbia State was the right choice for them.

Anesthesia Technology

"We are thrilled every time we get to secure a graduate from Columbia State's anesthesia technology program. In fact, this year, we got them all and we hope to continue that." Brent Dunworth, Vanderbilt University, Medical Center


"The program is considered a high-paying career because it prepares students for real life situations particularly in those areas such as biology, medicine, bioinformatics, engineering. Careers can be quite rewarding." Elvira Eivazova, Associate Professor of Biology

Computer Science

"At this moment, I am an IT systems technician at Acadia Healthcare and I've had the privilege to start as an intern there when I was actually still at Columbia State. Now they've had about three to four successful interns in the last two and a half years." Stephan Curley, Columbia State Alum

Criminal Justice

"Columbia State has helped me prepare to enter the criminal justice field since I am getting the hands-on experience and I'm able to use my professors as references." Jenny Shouse, Columbia State Student


"I chose Columbia State because of the wonderful education program that they have there. I'd heard so much about it from many people and many teachers that I went to school with." Erika Brown, Columbia State Student

Engineering Systems Technology

"I chose Columbia State because they have a good mechanical engineering program and I heard a lot of good things about Columbia State and I actually saw something I wanted to be a part of." Rene Ornela, Columbia State Student

Graphic Design

"Columbia State is a great fit for me because, as a non-traditional student, I have lots of choices, a lot of opportunities to do different things here." Maria McPherson, Columbia State Student

Medical Laboratory Technology

"Columbia State prepared me to enter the field that I'm going into; the hands-on experience in class, the clinical rotations, and how we're going to be using what we're learning and how it's implemented in the field." Johnny Miranda, Columbia State Student

Respiratory Care

"I've been in Respiratory Care at Columbia State for the last 22 years, and every student that has finished that program has a job before they graduate." Roger Major, Director of Clinical Education


Dr. Christa S. Martin
Executive Director, Belonging and Student Resources
Columbia Campus, Warf 240