Instructional Design Team

The Instructional Design Team (IDT) members serve an integral role in the distance education course development process here at Columbia State. They are experienced in web-enhanced, DVC or other types of online course delivery methods.

The IDT members provide guidance for the development of materials and, at the completion of course development, they utilize quality assurance rubrics to ensure the quality of the course format, facilitation and overall student experience. Online courses are evaluated as a part of the regular course review process.

IDT members are appointed by Columbia State executive administration and receive oversight from the Director of Academic Engagement and Innovation, which oversees distance education.

Current Instructional Design Team:

  • Dale Hobbs
  • Daniel Devers
  • Holly Brew
  • Benjamin Womer
  • Andrea Poynter
  • Erin Kealey
  • David Talley

Responsibilities of an Instructional Design Team Member 
IDT Course Review Contract