mental health, poverty, hunger, bias, stereotypes, gender violence


The Social Sciences' Club

A club for the psychology and/or sociology major and all others that are interested in expanding awareness and "unboxing" closed minds. We will explore campus and community outreach with relevant issues such as mental health, diversity, depravation of resources, inequality, violence and social injustice.

Fall 2022 Courses of Interest

WMST 2181 Women’s Studies

This course presents historical, anthropological, aesthetic, political, and cultural examinations of various topics and issues of gender and identity and the roles, contributions, and achievements of women in the history of world society. Topics change each semester. (NT)

Women, Gender and Social Injustice in the 21st Century.

Subtopics to include:

  • The “Me Too” movement
  • Human Trafficking
  • Sex Work
  • Breonna Taylor, Sandra Bland, etc
  • Reproductive Rights
  • Violence in the Trans Community
  • The Glass Ceiling
  • The Changing Look of Family

Instructor: Sharon “Doc” Grigsby 
Monday 2:30-3:20 pm
Zoom CRN # 82571

Mental Health Awareness Month Podcast

Please join me and my guest, Melissa Febbrorielli, in a conversation about student mental health issues. Melissa and I will discuss general concerns we see on campus, as well as all of the therapies her department offers. We will close with what faculty, staff, and students can do to support one another. This podcast is sponsored by the social science's club UNBOXED.

To listen, click Mental Health Awareness 

Adverse and Positive Childhood Experiences and How it Affects our Young Adults

Join me and my experts, Kimmy Young and Rachel Hanson, to discuss adverse and positive childhood experiences. We will learn what they are, how they start, and what transpires into young adulthood. We will also speak to the education perspective in K-12 and higher education, and what we see in our classrooms. We will learn how we can help our communities and our schools to address these issues. Fascinating and very informative conversations!

To listen, click Adverse and Positive Childhood Experiences 

The Psychology of Attraction

What historically has represented attractiveness and why? How have body types, dress, and societal norms changed to currently represent what is hot and what is not? What do different generations look for and want out of a relationship? How has social media played a role in our search for connection? The good, the bad, and the ugly of attraction.

To listen, click The Psychology of Attraction.

Social Media, Friend or Foe?

Social media has a rich history, just by the purest definition. We have been communicating and sharing information since the beginning of time. Times changed historically, and the word /news was spread by horse and rider or a single person announcing pertinent information in the town’s square. Jump to 2022, and we are consumed with media that perpetuates our lifestyles 24/7. There has been great innovation since the creation of the printing press, radio and television….and the Internet!! But……how has it changed us? Good, bad, or indifferent? This lecture recording explores this topic including a brief history and cultural reference and devote the majority of time with the good, bad, and the ugly of social media.

Click to watch the Social Media recording

Mental Health is an issue with all populations, but particularly with college students. As many as 80 plus percent of college students report anxiety and or depression. Sharon Grigsby will speak with Melissa Febbroriello and Kimberly Young. They are adjunct professors of psychology and social work and also counselors in the community. Grigsby will also speak with two of her sophomore students of psychology, Anna Rich and Rada Peacock. They discussed mental health from a counselor viewpoint, instructor viewpoint, and from the personal and academic viewpoints of students. They wrapped things up with the impact of the pandemic and how our campus can help.

This episode is sponsored by UNBOXED, the new social science club at Columbia State Community College.