November 2010 Lecture

Drs. Warner and Gidcomb

Dr. Barry Gidcomb, Professor of History and Candace Warner, Assistant Professor of Sociology presented a lecture titled Haiti: After the Earthquake and Moving Forward on Tuesday, November 16 on the Williamson County Campus and on Wednesday, November 17 on the Columbia Campus.

This lecture included a sketch of history and the people of Haiti and examined the significant challenges faced by the Haitian people before and after the earthquake.

In May 2010, Gidcomb and Warner traveled to Haiti with a friend, Mike Goodman. Goodman and his significant other, Judy Haselhoef, founded a non-profit organization called Yonn Ede Lot to benefit the people in the little mountain community of La Montagne on the southern coast of Haiti. During their visit to Haiti, Gidcomb and Warner traveled to several areas including La Montagne, Jacmel City and Port-au-Prince.