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Peer Mentors Here to Help You!

Who are Peer Mentors?
Peer Mentors are second year students who have demonstrated success both in and outside the classroom. Extensive training is provided to Peer Mentors so that we can connect you to support services and information tools at Columbia State. Peer Mentors are matched with and supervised by College Completion Specialists in the Charger Center.

How can Peer Mentors Help?
Peer Mentors can answer many of the basic questions you have about the college and how to access different services. We can help you with time management and organizational skills and study techniques. We can also share with you some of the general tips that helped us to become successful here at Columbia State.

How do I connect with Peer Mentors?

You can connect with us anytime by e-mail at

Peer Mentors are located in the Charger Center in the Jones Student Center on the Columbia Campus or Charger Center North in the Administration Building on the Williamson Campus and can be found by stopping by the front desk at all other campuses.

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