Personal Safety

Personal safety is often a question of situational awareness and anticipation. The first step to avoid having your car broken into may just be remembering to leave no valuables visible in the back seat. To avoid a DUI? Don’t drink if you plan to drive. Thinking about what COULD happen is often the best way to make sure it doesn’t.

  • Develop a plan of action to use were you to be confronted or assaulted.
  • Always lock the doors of your vehicle.
  • Avoid walking alone, especially at night.

keyCampus Safety Tips

Learn and follow all college security policies. These policies were created out of a concern for your welfare and consideration for the rights of others.

stop-signSexual Assault

If someone you know is victimized through sexual assault, a number of resources are available to assist them.

Alcohol Awareness

Alcohol is the largest contributor of high-risk behaviors on college campuses.


Theft is the most reported crime on college campuses, but it is also primarily a crime of opportunity.

Violence Prevention

What to do if you suspect a person may be violent,

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