06 - Safety and Security

 06-02-00  Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure
Appendix A - Hepatitis B Vaccination Declination Form
 06-03-00  Lockout Tagout
     Appendix A - Written Procedure
     Appendix B - Authorized Lockout/Tagout Periodic Operational Assessment
     Appendix C - Lockout/Tagout Form
 06-04-00  Hazardous Waste Disposal
 06-04-01  Hazard Communication
 06-05-00  Campus Medical Emergencies, Accidents, Injuries
 Appendix A - Accident/Medical Incident Report
     Appendix B - State of Tennessee Third Party Administrator Reporting Process (Injured Employee)
     Appendix C - State of Tennessee Third Party Administrator Reporting Process (Supervisor)
 06-07-00  Sexual Misconduct
 06-08-00  Timely Warning
 06-09-00  Hearing Conservation Program
     Appendix A - Program Inclusion
 06-10-00  Confined Space Program
     Appendix A - Declassification of Permit Required Confined Space Form
     Appendix B - Annual Confined Space Program Review Form
 06-11-00  Security Camera Access
 06-12-00  Laboratory Chemical Hygiene Plan
     Appendix A - Lab Safety Rules
     Appendix B - Standard Operating Procedure for Use of Compressed Gases
     Appendix C - Standard Operating Procedure for Flammable Materials
     Appendix D - Standard Operating Procedure for Acids
     Appendix E - Standard Operating Procedure for Nitric Acid
     Appendix F - Standard Operating Procedure for Bases
     Appendix G - Standard Operating Procedure for Sodium Hypochlorite (Bleach)
     Appendix H - Standard Operating Procedure Photography Laboratory (Darkroom) Chemical Usage
 06-13-00  Automated External Defibrillators Program
     Appendix A - Locations of AEDs at Columbia State
     Appendix B - AED Use Form
 06-14-00  Vehicle Use on Intercampus Pathways and Green Spaces
     Appendix A - Definition of Intercampus  Pathways - Columbia Campus
     Appendix B - Definition of Inner Campus Area - Columbia Campus
     Appendix C - Definition of Intercampus Pathways - Williamson Campus
     Appendix D - Definition of Inner Campus Area - Williamson Campus
     Form A - Application for the Use of Other Power-Driven Mobility Device (OPMD)

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