05 - Personnel Policies and Procedures

 05-01-00  EEO, AA, Discrimination and Nepotism
    Appendix A Employment Requisition
    Appendix B Affirmative Action Procedures for Screening and Interviewing
    Appendix C Recommendation for Interview
    Appendix D Employment Verification Checklist
    Appendix E Recommendation for Employment
    Appendix F Analysis of Employee Experience
    Appendix G TBR Form A 1 Certification of Search Pool
    Appendix H TBR Form A 2 Approval for Appointment Recommendation
 05-02-00  Background Checks
    Appendix A Release and Fair Credit Disclosure
    Appendix B Pre-Adverse Action Notice
    Appendix C Rejection Notice
    Appendix D Background Check Matrix Prof Adm Fac
    Appendix E Background Check Matrix Support
    Appendix F Summary Of Rights
 05-03-00  Employment Eligibility Verification
 05-04-00  Faculty and Staff Orientation
    Appendix A Supervisor Orientation for New Employees
    Appendix B Employee Benefits Orientation Checklist
    Appendix C New Employee Welcome Letter
    Appendix D New Employee Orientation Schedule - Support Staff
    Appendix D New Employee Orientation Schedule - Professional Staff
    Appendix D New Employee Orientation Schedule - Faculty
 05-05-00  Administrative Professional Classification Compensation Plan
 05-06-00  Academic Freedom and Responsibility
 05-07-00  Faculty Evaluation
    Form A Student Evaluation Of Faculty
    Form B Classroom Observation Evaluation
    Form C Evaluation Of Class Materials
    Form D Faculty Self Evaluation Form
    Form E Faculty Evaluation By The Dean
 05-08-00  Faculty Workload
 05-09-00  InterSession and Summer Employment Faculty
Appendix A - Procedures for Distributing Teaching Opportunities Among Full-time Faculty
 05-10-00  Faculty Compensation Plan
 05-11-00  Outside Employment and Extra Compensation
 05-12-00  Awarding of Academic Rank and Promotion in Rank
    Appendix A - Guidelines for Consideration of Promotion in Rank
    Appendix B Guidelines For Promotion By Exception To Professor
    Form A Intent To Apply For Promotion Tenure
    Form B - Performance Evaluation for Promotion Criteria
    Form C Recommendation For Promotion
    Form D Review Of Promotion Appeal
 05-13-00  Employee Leave
 05-14-00  Tenure
    Appendix A - Tenure Guidelines
    Form A Intent To Apply For Promotion Tenure
    Form B Performance Evaluation For Tenure Criteria
    Form C Recommendation For Tenure
    Form D Review Of Tenure Appeal
 05-15-00  Retirement, Resignation & Other Separation from Employment
    Appendix A Retirement Resignation And Other Separation From Employment
 05-16-00  Classified Staff Compensation Plan
 05-17-00  Staff Performance Evaluation
    Appendix A Support Staff Performance Evaluation
    Appendix B Professional Staff Evaluation Form
 05-18-00  Employee Educational Assistance
    Appendix A Fee Waiver Form
    Appendix B Faculty/Staff Tuition Reimbursement Form
    Appendix C Audit Non-Credit Form
    Appendix D Grant in Aid Form
 05-18-01  Educational Assistance for Spouse & Dependents of College Employees
    Appendix A Request for Fee Discount for Spouse and/or Dependent
 05-19-00  Non-renewal - Termination or Transfer of Faculty Appointments
 05-20-00  Faculty Professional Development
 05-21-00  Instructional Workload Equivalencies
    Appendix A Instructional Workload Equivalencies Request
 05-22-00  Employee Conduct
    Appendix A Employee Conduct
 05-23-00  Employee Grievance and Complaints
    Appendix A Employee Grievance Form
 05-24-00  Anti-Harassment Policy
Appendix A Anti-Harassment
 05-25-00  Degree Related Salary Increases
    Appendix A - Certification-Degree Advancement Request
    Appendix B Change In Educational Status
 05-26-00  Columbia State Leadership Program
    Appendix A Application for College Sponsorship In A Leadership Program
    Appendix B Request For Approval Of A Leadership Program
 05-27-00  Drug-Free Workplace and Campus
Appendix A Drug and Alcohol Prevention Program
 05-28-00  Intellectual Property
 05-29-00  Grant Funded Positions

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