07 - Operations and Facilities

 07-01-00  Media Relations
 07-02-00  Planning and Evaluation
 07-03-00  Allocation of Information Technology Resources
 07-04-00  Use of Information Technology Resources
 07-04-01  Computer Use by Campus Visitors and Continuing Education Students
 07-05-00  Web Pages Policy and Guidelines
 07-06-00  Disposal of Records
 07-06-01  Requests for Public Records
    Appendix A Public Records Request
    Appendix B Cost Estimate Form
    Appendix C Reasonable Charges for Frequent and Multiple Requests
    Appendix D Public Record Request Response Form
 07-07-00  US Patriot Act Information Request
 07-08-00  Use of Copyrighted Materials
 07-09-00  Library Circulation, Fines and Encumbrances
 07-10-00  Surveys
    Appendix A Survey Request
 07-11-00  Visitors and Minors on Campus
 07-12-00  Long Distance Telephone Use
 07-13-00  Parking
 07-14-00  Key Control
    Appendix-A Key Distribution Chart
    Appendix B Key Card
 07-15-00  Space Assignment
 07-16-00  Equipment Service Calls
 07-17-00  Smoking and Tobacco Use
 07-18-00  Maintenance Shop Use and Access
 07-19-00  Data Collection, Analysis and Reporting
 07-20-00  Publications Forms Printing Letterhead and Business Cards
    Appendix A Forms and Publications Checklist
 07-21-00  Institutional Review Board For Research
    Appendix A Application To Institutional Review Board
    Appendix B Elements Of Informed Consent
 07-22-00  Campus Tree Care Policy
     Appendix A - Recommended Tree Species
     Appendix B - Prohibited Tree Species
 07-23-00  Social Media Policy
     Appendix A - Social Media Request Form
     Appendix B - Social Media Best Practices

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